This NHSM Advanced Fossil Event is open to adult Fossil Club members only and designed for the experienced collector. Not suitable for first time fossil hunters or children.

*Before registering for this event please make sure that you are:

1. Current a Fossil Club member

2. Previously attended a fossil event with NHSM

3. An adult (18+)

NHSM Fossil Club Members: $45.00

NHSM is partnering with CHAPTours to offer an Advanced Fossil Hunting trip in the Calvert Cliffs area, with access to various beaches covering all three of the geologic formations. These beaches are very similar to what can be found on the Potomac but most beaches along Calvert only have a very small amount of continuous cliff exposure; normally a half mile or less and are very narrow. The tour will also include information on the maritime, military and other archaeological history of the area.

Please note, which beach(s) we visit will be determined by weather conditions. Our goal is to get our group out to the best beach available for that day’s tide and weather conditions. These beaches are all drive up and you’re parking within 50 ft of the water.

You keep everything you find on the tour*. If you do find something that is scientifically important, we will ask that you consider donating it to the Calvert Marine Museum.

Finally, the trip is being limited to 20 people or less so that we will have plenty of room to spread out and collect.