Is it possible to live completely waste-free? In this multi-award winning festival favorite, partners Jen and Grant go head-to-head in a competition to see who can swear off consumerism and produce the least garbage. Their light-hearted competition is set against a darker examination of the problem of waste. Even as Grant and Jen start to garner interest in their project, they struggle to find meaning in their minuscule influence on the large-scale environmental impacts of our “throw-away society.”

Described as An Inconvenient Truth meets Super Size Me, The Clean Bin Project features laugh-out-loud moments, stop-motion animations, and unforgettable imagery. Captivating interviews with renowned artist Chris Jordan, and TED Lecturer Captain Charles Moore make this film a fun and inspiring call to individual action that speaks to crowds of all ages.

Presented as part of our ongoing Environmental Film Series, through the partnership of the Havre de Grace Green Team and Havre de Grace Maritime Museum. All film screenings are free to the public, and are held inside the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum’s main gallery. A discussion will follow the film.