Please join the Climate Stewards of Greater Annapolis to discuss how to deal with the challenges we face from global warming.

Rapidly growing human population accompanied by a rapid increase in the use of fossil fuels is straining the resources of our planet and may lead to our extinction. Come learn about the problems we face and the results we will reap with and without a change in the way we generate our energy and use our resources. Unless we address our careless behavior and plan a course to deal with the impact on Earth we will lose everything. By designing proactive programs to deal with these challenges, we can alter the future in a positive way.

With St. John Martin – Sinjin spent a career in electrical engineering with Honeywell and other area companies as well as NSA. After retiring, he spent several years studying climate change causes and effects before joining Arctic Energies, an alternate energy company that pursued ammonia-based systems. It was that association that spurred interest in designing systems using solar, wind, geothermal and ocean energy to produce and store electricity and vehicle fuels.