As part of an overall integrated strategy for water supply sustainability and nutrient management obligations, the Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works is exploring a concept to arrest declining groundwater levels by augmenting the natural recharge of the aquifers.  “Managed Aquifer Recharge” injects highly treated wastewater via an advanced water treatment process into the aquifer system.  The water is purified and the chemistry is adjusted to match that of the water drawn out.  An additional benefit is reduced outflow from existing treatment plants into the waterways which will significantly aid in meeting clean water goals.  This method is in use in several areas in the U.S. and around the world, and Hampton Roads, Virginia is currently implementing a similar  program at a demonstration scale level of one million gallons per day.  As one part of a broader suite of alternatives, DPW intends to explore whether this concept is feasible and worthy of further consideration.  This is an early and exploratory phase and subject to extensive further scientific evaluation, analyses, and critical review before it can be considered as an alternative for ensuring future water supply sustainability and compliance with nutrient management obligations of the Bay program.