Join authors/experts David Montgomery and Anne Biklé, local farmers and other experts to explore the promise and practice of soil restoration with a special emphasis on the microbial links between soil, plant, and human health.

David Montgomery is a professor of geology at University of Washington and a 2008 MacArthur Fellowship (“genius grant”) recipient. Anne Biklé is a biologist and environmental planner. Learn more about them at The books they will be discussing:

  • Growing A Revolution  Dr.David Montgomery travels the world meeting farmers at the forefront of a soil health revolution. On those farms, he discovers simple, cost-effective strategies that can help feed the world, cool the planet, reduce pollution, and return profitability to family farms.
  • The Hidden Half of Nature digs into the science of microbes, explaining why good health – for people, plants, and soil – depends on these tiny critters. The authors reveal astounding parallels between our own bodies and the world of plants and soil. They show how cultivating beneficial microbiomes holds great promise for transforming agriculture and medicine.
  • In Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations, Dr. David Montgomery blends natural and cultural history to show how soil degradation caused past civilizations to crumble and how modern societies face a similar fate unless we shift to more sustainable land management practices.

REGISTER by Friday, November 30 at:

or by calling (540)432-6029, ext 109.  $25 event registration includes buffet lunch.  Program sponsors include: Virginia Cooperative Extension, Agua Fund, Inc., Southern SARE, USDA NRCS, and the Virginia Soil Health Coalition.