There are still spaces available for you to attend this year’s PAXCON.

The Patuxent River Conference (PAXCON) is the premier forum uniting scientists, environmental educators, natural resource managers, and anyone passionate about the health and future of the Patuxent River.  To know and understand the Patuxent River is to take one more step toward its protection. ​​The 2024 Patuxent River Conference is centered around the theme of water quality, with a focus on issues and solutions. Join us as experts, thought leaders and passionate individuals converge to share their insights, ideas, and stories. This event promises a dynamic lineup of presenters. Attendees can interact with presenters, exchange ideas, and connect with participants who share a common goal: a cleaner Patuxent Watershed.

For just $55, registration gets you access to the all-day conference, all sessions, coffee, refreshments, and lunch!

Come network and meet other professionals and community members who are passionate about water quality, the Patuxent River, Chesapeake Bay watersheds, and other fascinating topics.

Pillars for this year’s conference are: 

​Activism/ Citizen Participation
Talks that highlight the power of grassroots efforts and individual engagement in preserving and enhancing water quality. Discover inspiring stories of local communities taking action to safeguard this vital resource.
Science and Research
Delve into the scientific realm, where research and innovative technologies are presented. Experts will discuss water quality assessment, conservation, and a glimpse into the future of sustainable water management.
Policy and Legislation
Gain an understanding of the critical role policy and legislation play in shaping water quality standards and regulations. Experts will shed light on successful initiatives and advocate for the importance of effective governance to ensure safe and clean water for all.
Community, Engagement & Education
Explore the art of conveying complex water quality issues to the masses. Experts in communication, media, and education will share strategies for raising awareness, fostering public engagement, and promoting informed decision-making.
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