Sit back and enjoy virtually touring the world’s largest, most comprehensive agricultural research center on ~ 7,000 acres in Beltsville, Maryland – also home to the world’s largest National Agricultural Library. Jay Green will be your pilot and guide for this 1-hour informative, educational and engaging virtual experience via a virtual flying green bus.

The mission of the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center is to provide the American public with an exceptionally talented, highly interdisciplinary scientific community in the USDA’s largest scientific installation, and leverage these resources to envision, create, and improve knowledge and technologies that enhance the capacity of the nation – and the world – to provide its people with healthy crops and animals; clean and renewable natural resources; sustainable agricultural systems; and agricultural commodities and products that are abundant, high-quality, and safe.

Beltsville Agricultural Research Center labs:

Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory
Animal Parasitic Diseases Laboratory
Adaptive Cropping Systems Laboratory
Environmental Microbial & Food Safety Laboratory
Animal Genomics and Improvement Laboratory
Animal Biosciences & Biotechnology Laboratory
Bee Research Laboratory
National Germplasm Resources Laboratory
Invasive Insect Biocontrol & Behavior Laboratory
Genetic Improvement for Fruits & Vegetables Laboratory
Molecular Plant Pathology Laboratory
Soybean Genomics & Improvement Laboratory
Systematic Entomology Laboratory
Sustainable Perennial Crops Laboratory
Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory
Food Quality Laboratory
Mycology and Nematology Genetic Diversity and Biology Laboratory

Jay Green is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master of Science degree in Nutrition Education and Mass Media Communications from Teacher’s College/Columbia University, NY (1979). He has worked for several private companies and federal agencies, including two VA Medical Centers (as Chief Clinical Dietitian); USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service; Marriott Corporation; Norwich-Eaton Pharmaceuticals; and was the Director of Nutrition Education for General Nutrition Corporation (GNC). Since 1994 [when his former USDA agency – the Human Nutrition Information Service – was dissolved], he has worked for the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS), mainly in a public relations and outreach-type capacity throughout 3 positions. He created a no-cost recording studio as well as wrote scripts, recorded and produced many ARS Podcasts; exhibited at various ag-related symposiums and conventions; facilitated webinars; and produced several employee engagement events (physically and virtually).