Waterkeepers Chesapeake presents 4 short films on local communities facing the challenges of water pollution and how they organized to find solutions. The first 3 films profile communities who rallied to address sewage in a Baltimore river, flooding along the Patuxent River due to overdevelopment, and toxic coal ash contamination of drinking water wells and the Potomac River. In these films, community members give advice on how other communities can address these pollution threats, and the Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper, Patuxent Riverkeeper and Potomac Riverkeeper outline how the Clean Water Act offers legal tools and resources for communities looking for solutions. The films are part of Waterkeepers Chesapeake’s Clean Water Act Playbook for frontline communities found at CWAPlaybook.org.

TICKETS for FREE event: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/local-clean-water-heroes-film-fest-tickets-619287815527

The fourth film chronicles two local farmers — an organic grain farmer on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and an urban farmer in Baltimore — who are practicing climate-smart regenerative practices that grow healthy soil which protects water quality, improves ecosystem health, and reduces farm risk from extreme weather events.

At this short film festival, participants in the films will be present for a discussion of the films. Each film is 6-7 minutes. This free event is generously hosted by Patagonia Old Town. A Patagonia item will be given away to a lucky attendee. Refreshments will be available, including Patagonia Provisions.