Join the Natural History Society of Maryland on a cruise around the Chesapeake Bay aboard the workboat Snow Goose to study the dynamic relationship between the Port of Baltimore and the Patapsco River. Let’s work alongside the crew from Chesapeake Bay Foundation to test water quality by sampling benthic, planktonic, and other aquatic communities. We’ll access areas near superfund sites, brownfields, waste-water treatment plants, power plants, and various local industries to learn about environmental issues and trends in urban ecology.

The Baltimore Harbor is an excellent venue to learn about the fragility and resiliency of ecosystems under the pressure of a modern working river. For those wishing to participate, there will be opportunities to work with water testing kits and dredge nets used to catch fish and other organisms for identification.

Children in the 4th grade and above are welcome to attend. One chaperone for every four children is required. Each child will need a health form signed by their parent. Register here: