After months of dedicated research, on Thursday, April 8 PennFuture will release a new report that will illustrate the policies needed to ensure we achieve our clean water goals. 

Pennsylvania is blessed with over 86,000 miles of streams and rivers, the greatest density of streams anywhere in the country. It is crucial that we protect this abundant resource. Water flows downhill – in the case of the Susquehanna, into the Chesapeake Bay. Pennsylvania provides half of the entire Bay’s fresh water. With this fresh water also comes pollution: around one third of Pennsylvania’s streams are polluted and our portion of the Bay watershed is responsible for nearly half of the nitrogen pollution in the Bay.

The new report titled “Underfunded and Polluted: Solutions to Fund Clean Water in Pennsylvania and the Chesapeake Bay Watershed” will lay out the scope of the problem, the policy tools that can address it, and how we go about implementing them. Presenters will include: 

Jacquelyn Bonomo, President and CEO, PennFuture

Renee Reber, Campaign Manager for Watershed Advocacy, PennFuture

Mariah Davis, Acting Director, Choose Clean Water Coalition

Kate Fritz, CEO, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay

Jen Adkins, Director, Clean Water Supply, American Rivers

Bernie McGurl, Executive Director, Lackawanna River Conservation Association

Jennifer Orr-Greene,  Eastern Policy Director, Trout Unlimited

When: Thursday, April 8, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Where: On Zoom! Click here to receive the link to join us

Pennsylvanians have a constitutional right to pure water, but unfortunately far too often in the Susquehanna River Basin we are falling short. “Underfunded and Polluted” will offer concrete tools to ensure that our rights are translated into reality. Please join us.

Contact Renee Reber at for questions or additional details. Hope to see you join us!