Topic: A Proven & Integrated Approach to Preventing SIF (Serious Incidents & Fatalities) & Other Organizational Losses

Speaker: Devin Bennett

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How can utility organizations reduce or eliminate SIFs (Serious Incidents & Fatalities) and other types of losses that have a significant impact on their people, operations, environment, communities, and overall financial health and well-being? Addressing these challenges requires a proactive, systems-based approach that enhances human performance and behaviors at ALL levels in the organization and fosters a true learning environment.

Dr. Bennett will present proven & effective human performance & behavior-based process, as well as how to properly operationalize it so it becomes the standard for how work is performed. This approach has been used in more than 100 countries and across 10+ industries and clients have achieved industry-leading results, not only in safety, but in other areas of organizational performance (e.g., reliability, regulatory performance, environmental stewardship, quality, etc.). This approach enables leaders to think and manage differently to ultimately transform the organization’s safety and risk management skills that proactively and positively impact workers’ safety and organizational performance.