NHSM Lep Club member, Bob Gardener, will share with us the lepidoptera he found while stationed in Vietnam in 1970-71.
NOTE: In Vietnamese culture, the butterfly represents long life. This is because the characters for “butterfly” and “great age” are pronounced the same way: t’ie.
The Lep Club, is made up of novice and expert lepidopterists who meet to exchange knowledge and support concerning habitat, threats, food sources, identification, and life cycle of butterflies and moths. Club meetings encourage a sharing of knowledge for the raising and breeding of moths and butterflies through hands-on lessons and guest speakers. Club members are also involved in outreach in the greater Baltimore community through educational programs and service projects. Club meetings feature a guest speaker that share their knowledge on a topic related to moths and butterflies as well as time to distribute caterpillars and eggs. As a group, we rear and share incredible native butterflies and saturniid moths (lunas, polyphemus, cedropia, imperials and more) with one another. Senior club members always walk you through everything you need to know in order to successfully raise your new friends. The goal is to raise enough leps that some can be released and increase the wild population. The Club meets on the last Thursday of each month at 7 pm.
To learn more about all NHSM Clubs: https://youtu.be/pIA7naRjXws


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