The Natural History Society of Maryland is excited to be traveling to the Wolf Sanctuary of PA with mammalogist, Dr. Steve Sheffield! Before the tour of the sanctuary we will stop for a break and a talk at the PA Welcome Center I-83 North. Steve will give an introduction to wolf behavior, communication, feeding habits, hunting techniques, past and current populations, and the important ecological role and value wolves serve. Then we will continue on to the Wolf Sanctuary of PA, which is in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, on more than 80 acres of natural woodland.

Did you know it has been over a hundred years since the last wild Wolf was known to exist in Pennsylvania? Did you also know that wolves used to be in Maryland? For over 30 years the Darlington Family has offered refuge to the Speedwell Wolves in Pennsylvania who have found themselves without a place in the natural world. The Wolf Sanctuary of PA was originally created as a private rescue, that now has grown into an educational facility in which over forty wolves are provided a comfortable, stimulating environment to thrive.

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A volunteer is needed to assist with participant sign-in, collecting waivers, and Wolf Sanctuary of PA check-in logistics. If you would like to volunteer the event cost is waived. Please contact Emily at for more information.