The Center for Watershed Protection is excited to announce an upcoming virtual training “A Stewardship Approach to Green Roof Maintenance” led by experts at Furbish. Furbish maintains over three million square feet of green roof in the mid-Atlantic region. Their approach to green roof maintenance respects the evolving ecology reality of these living systems. Rather than maintain a static condition, they respect that these thin-profile landscapes morph from year to year. Their maintenance efforts embrace nature‚Äôs intentions while also guarding the building envelope integrity.

Participants in this training will gain an understanding of the general approaches to green roof stewardship and see the problems resulting from lack of maintenance. Attendees also qualify for Center for Watershed Protection CEUs and PHDs.

Speakers include Michael Furbish, President of Furbish and Nathan Powers, Green Roof Horticulturist for Furbish.