Young woman in beige cap talks to a group of five adults in a grassy field

Amy Johnson (Credit: Hugh Kenny)

Discover how we can transform landscapes to support people and nature! The Smithsonian’s Virginia Working Landscapes program aims to study and promote the conservation of native biodiversity and sustainable land management, through research that occurs almost entirely on privately-owned lands. In this webinar Dr. Amy Johnson, a conservation biologist and director of the National Zoo’s Virginia Working Landscapes program, will provide an overview of past and current research projects. She will highlight real examples demonstrating how the program is working with community partners to bridge the gap between science and conservation implementation.

Johnson’s current research focuses on identifying best practices to support nesting grassland birds, ecological responses to grassland restoration and management, and the human dimensions of conservation. In addition to research, she and her team are committed to developing effective outreach strategies that communicate research findings to regional conservation partners and land managers.

This event is part of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center’s monthly Earth Optimism series. The webinar will be recorded! Closed captioning will be available on both the live event and on the recording. By signing up on Zoom, you’ll be able to join live and receive a link to the recording approximately one week after it airs.

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