$10.00 per person at the door

Rough as a riot, soft as sea spray, international duo Janie Meneely and Rob van Sante bring a breath of salt air to the Havre de Grace Maritime Museum. Their collaborative effort is marked by evocative instrumentals, strong vocals and original arrangements. Janie brings her nautical perspective to the world of folk music as she sings of the maritime history, characters, and traditions of the Chesapeake Bay region where she was born and raised. In 2015, she partnered with Dutch-born virtuoso guitarist Rob van Sante, who lends his knack for melodies and flair for vocal harmony to Janie’s compositions. Rob draws deep from the well of traditional music with spellbinding a cappella renditions of gems he’s collected from performing around the world. Whether they sing about the past or the present, the Bay or beyond, Janie and Rob are delighted to share a couple hours of music, merriment and (sometimes) mayhem. Be ready to sing along!