A glowing, light blue oval-shaped phytoplankton against a black background

Bioluminescent phytoplankton, by Dr. Edith Widder

Where can you find algae that glow? In some coastal waters, when the water gets agitated, thousands of microscopic phytoplankton produce a greenish-blue flash of light, creating “bioluminescent bays” and lagoons. On Sept. 20, join Smithsonian marine ecologist Dr. Brenda María Soler-Figueroa to hear about the importance of these unique ecosystems, and their current status in Puerto Rico, which she calls home. She’ll reveal how local communities are working to manage and protect the territory’s bioluminescent waters. She’ll also dive into her research, where her work with the Smithsonian’s Marine Invasions Research Laboratory provides insights for reducing the introduction of potentially invasive phytoplankton.

This webinar is part of the Earth Optimism webinar series at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater, Maryland. It will be recorded! Closed captions will be available at the live event and on the recording. Spanish translations (written and spoken) will also be provided. By signing up on Zoom, you’ll be able to watch live and receive a link to the recording as soon as it’s ready.

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Video: Meet Dr. Brenda María Soler-Figueroa