On October 3, 9:30-11:00 AM, Chesapeake & Coastal Service will host a webinar discussing the varying funding opportunities that are a part of Grants Gateway. Come learn about general requirements, the application process, and past successful projects.

Registration is required.

Have Specific Questions? There will be breakout sessions for each outcome to get into more detail.

Goals of the outcomes:

  • Outcome 1 – Accelerate recovery and restoration of natural resources by implementing non-point source pollution reduction projects.
  • Outcome 2 – Understand and enhance capacity to plan for impacts from coastal and precipitation based flood events.
  • Outcome 3 – Design and construct habitat restoration projects to address erosion and flooding in communities and on public lands.
  • Outcome 4 – Improve student ability to take action benefiting Chesapeake and coastal ecosystems through outdoor learning and stewardship.
  • Outcome 5 – Foster sustainable development and use of Maryland waterways with projects that benefit the general boating public.
    Shoreline Erosion Loan Program – Protect waterfront property and enhance wildlife habitat utilizing nature-based living shoreline techniques.

If you have questions about the webinar please contact Kristen Fleming.