Rows of produce on display: Bunches of green onions, red radishes, yellow bell peppers and green leafy vegetables.

Photo: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

What would a future with sustainable food look like? On Oct. 24, join Dr. Jessica Fanzo, author of “Can Fixing Dinner Fix the Planet?” for a look at how we can mitigate climate change and feed 9.7 billion people by 2050.

Our food systems have become increasingly fragile in the face of climate change, ongoing conflicts and the long-tail of COVID-19. At the same time, how we grow, process, package and transport our food often harms the environment, further accelerating climate change and biodiversity loss. Fixing this requires bridging the gap between food policies and climate policies. Fanzo directs the Food for Humanity Initiative at the Columbia Climate School. In this talk,  she’ll reveal sustainable food practices for a hotter, more turbulent world. Part of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center’s Earth Optimism evening webinar series.

This webinar will be recorded! Closed captioning will be available on both the live event and on the recording. By signing up on Zoom, you’ll be able to join live and receive a link to the recording approximately one week after it airs.

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