Three photos of forest ecologists in the field

Clockwise from left: Geoffrey “Jess” Parker, Sean McMahon and Jess Shue. (Credits: SERC, Sean McMahon & Uzay Sezen)

On April 20, join three Smithsonian forest scientists for a special pre-Earth Day virtual panel. Discover how trees store and move carbon, from the level of microscopic cells to the sweeping canopies of America’s woodlands. The scientists will share decades of knowledge from the forests of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Maryland. They’ll also reveal discoveries on how forests around the world are responding to climate change, through work with the Smithsonian’s Forest Global Earth Observatory. This live conversation will include plenty of time for audience Q&A.

The panel will be recorded! By signing up online, you’ll be able to join live and you will automatically receive a link to the closed-captioned recording via email as soon as it’s ready.

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Geoffrey “Jess” Parker, Principal Investigator, SERC Forest Ecology Lab
Sean McMahon, Principal Investigator, SERC Quantitative Ecology Lab
Jess Shue, Head Technician, SERC Forest and Quantitative Ecology Labs