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This month we are raffling some truly cool trace fossils: a genuine dinosaur footprint and two dinosaur coprolites!

Every child has a fascination with dinosaurs and for some of us that fascination sticks with us for the rest of our lives. Childhood books brought us back millions of years to a time when huge reptiles roamed the earth. Of course, our knowledge of these creatures has changed tremendously over the decades, but the fascination remains.

These three fossils are trace fossils – fossils that provide us with indirect evidence of past life. These include footprints, tracks, burrows, feces, and other “traces” that the animal left behind.

The dinosaur track is a fossilized footprint, also known as an ichnite. It was found in Grallator, N.J. in the Late Triassic Passaic formation, which is 219 to 201 million years old. It was made by a theropod, a carnivorous dinosaur that was typically bipedal. How many of your friends can boast they have their own dinosaur track!

The two coprolites are from the Morrison formation of the Jurassic, which is 156 to 146 million years old. This formation is found in western Colorado through eastern Utah. Coprolites are feces that were fossilized – yes, actual dinosaur poop!

For only $5 you have a chance to own these unique fossils. These are the ultimate show & tell items for school!

Purchase tickets here: https://www.marylandnature.org/get-involved/raffle/