Hosted by the Maryland Coastal Bays Program, the “Explore the Estuary” education series offers the unique opportunity for adults (+18 years old) to continue to broaden their knowledge of the Maryland Coastal Bays watershed. The four themed programs provide an in-depth look into the natural world and conservation issues in the Coastal Bays. Each program is a hybrid, with a webinar component, and a field experience. This lends itself to being more inclusive to those who are unable to travel or are choosing to avoid in-person events due to COVID.

Please join us for Program #3: Monitoring in Maryland’s Coastal Bays. Here is the information for the webinar portion of this program.

Webinar: “Have the Coastal Bays reached an ecological tipping point?”
September 14. 3-4 pm. Free.

We hope can you join us for a conversation on the health and future of the Coastal Bays watershed. This webinar’s guest speaker is the wonderful Dr. Bill Dennison, a Professor of marine science and the Vice President of Science Application at University of Maryland Center of Environmental Science. Dr. Dennison has been integral in the yearly development and creation of the Maryland Coastal Bays Program’s “Report Card” for over a decade, and is the current Chair of MCBP’s Science and Technical Advisory Committee. *Zoom information to follow*

For more information, and to register, please visit: