Wetland at sunrise, with a translucent, open-top experimental chamber in the foreground

Experimental chamber on the Smithsonian’s Global Change Research Wetland. (Photo: Tom Mozdzer)

Fast forward to the year 2100, with a sneak peek at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center’s “wetland of the future.” On Sept. 21, Smithsonian ecologists James Holmquist and Genevieve Noyce will reveal the latest findings from the Smithsonian’s Global Change Research Wetland. Here, scientists are running futuristic climate change experiments that raise temperature, carbon dioxide and other key climate change variables. They’re looking to answer one question: Will wetlands still be able to protect us from climate change impacts in the next century? James and Genevieve will also explore how scientists are using big data to calculate what coastal wetlands around the world mean for Earth’s carbon budget and efforts to mitigate climate change.

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