Volunteers are needed on Saturday, August 25th at Phillips Wharf Environmental Center for “Oyster Delivery Day.”  Volunteers meet at Phillips Wharf at 8:00am, and the project concludes around noon.  During this phase of the oyster restoration project volunteers will begin the day by putting oyster shells seeded with spat (baby oysters) in cages, and then groups of the cages will be delivered to private docks in the Tilghman Island area. Volunteers will be taught how to pack the cages with the spat on shell, and how to tie the cages onto the docks.  Service learning credits are available for students, and volunteers must be at least 10 years old.  Volunteers who are able to provide a vehicle for the transport of the oyster cages (pick up, trailer, or large SUV with tarps) are also appreciated.  Breakfast snacks and lunch will be provided to volunteers.   If you are interested in volunteering with this project, please email Stacy Helgason at stacy@pwec.org or call 410-886-9200.