Waterlife tells the epic story of the Great Lakes by following the cascade of its water from northern Lake Superior to the Atlantic Ocean, through the lives of some of the 35 million people who rely on the lake for survival.

The documentary shows viewers the Great Lakes as they might appear to a seagull, a fish or a water molecule…and from a myriad of other amazing perspectives. Filmed over a full year, Waterlife provides an unprecedented view of an incredible ecosystem rarely seen by the city dwellers who form most of its population. You will be carried through marsh and pipe, across pounding waves and through thunder clouds on a journey which, as the film says, has no “ending or beginning, that shapes every body it passes through and unites them all across space and time.”

Watch the official trailer below:

Movie screenings begin promptly at 7 PM, and doors will close shortly thereafter. This is a free event and discussion afterwards is greatly encouraged.

Presented as part of the monthly Environmental Film Series, through a partnership between the Havre de Grace Green Team and Havre de Grace Maritime Museum.