Watershed Advocacy & Stewardship 101 Workshop

Photo Credit Flickr / Howard Lake

Is your community stream being threatened by development? Pollution a problem? Could your local official do something to help? Want to know what you can do at home to help the health of our streams and creeks? Join Audubon Naturalist Society’s experts for a fun and empowering afternoon at Woodend for an introduction to environmental advocacy & watershed stewardship! All are welcome. Click here to register!

The focus is on clean water but the skills can apply to any environmental issue–learn how you can raise your voice for local conservation.

This is a shorter version of the workshop described in the ANS Spring 2017 Naturalist Quarterly article “Good Changes for the Environment in Our Hands.” We will cover the following topics:

  • The importance of protecting water and watersheds, and the biggest threats to them
  • A brief introduction to the on-the-ground solutions that are needed at the home and community level, like rain gardens, planting trees, and responsible development practices
  • The Clean Water Act and how it works to move states, counties, and towns towards cleaner streams
  • How you can get involved: an introduction to advocacy skills
    • Identifying problems and solutions
    • Developing an action plan
    • Talking to decision-makers
    • Building coalitions to broaden support for your issue

Leaders: Eliza Cava (ANS Director of Conservation) and Bruce Gilmore (Maryland stormwater policy expert)
Cost: Members $15; Nonmembers $25.

Click here to register!

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