Webinar: Green Infrastructure- A Lesson in Change, 7/18 12 PM EDT

Webinar: Green Infrastructure- A Lesson in Change

Tuesday, July 18th, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Presented by: Donna Foster, Landscape Architect, US Forest Service, Northeastern Area State And Private Forestry

Participate in this Penn State Community Forestry Management Webinar and hear a landscape architect’s perspective on engagement and relationship building and explore how past and present views on tree planting and design have merged while cultivating more respect and understanding between three professions as they work to reclaim unused lands, address environmental justice and create livable biologically functioning places in cities and towns across the nation.

To participate, use this link to access the webinar room starting 15 minutes prior to the webinar start time. Enter the webinar as a guest by typing your name in the name box and click the “Enter Room” button.

This webinar is part of the Penn State Community Forestry Management Webinar Series. For more information about this webinar and others in the series, go to http://extension.psu.edu/natural-resources/forests/courses/community-forestry-management-webinars.

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