Environmental Concern (EC) invites all students and professionals just entering the field of wetland science, as well as those needing a review, to attend this 3-day (24-hour) course. Winter Woody Plant ID will increase your wetland knowledge by learning how to identify species during the winter season. Examine twigs, bark and other leafless characteristics. Woody species will be identified through lectures, field trips and field/lab keying. Background in botany preferred, but not necessary.

EC is fully engaged in the work of wetlands. We are able to provide participants a unique learning experience presented from the practitioners’ perspective. Register for one or more of our professional courses, and develop your skills through classroom presentations and hands-on fieldwork taught by wetland experts.

Environmental Concern Inc. and Coastal Resources Inc. are using their shared experience and resources to offer high-level professional training to students, practitioners and consultants.

Instructor: Sean Sipple

Field work during Winter Woody Plant ID Course