This is the April Herp Club Meeting

What have you been up to herp wise? Have you traveled to see some herps? Have you had some new experiences close to home? What about in your home? Any new herps join your family?

For the April meeting of the NHSM Herp Club, we will come together to share short updates herp experiences this past year, whether travel related or captive husbandry related. We will also get updates on plans for the coming year in terms of the club and NHSM as a whole. Some exciting things on the horizon. Please select during check out whether you will attend via Zoom or in person. Those attending in-person must follow the NHSM COVID protocols. Proof of COVID vaccination is required to attend this course. Masks will also be required. Food and drink inside the facility is prohibited. NHSM retains the right to update or change these requirements at any time.

Are you fascinated with reptiles and amphibians? The Natural History Society of Maryland’s Herp Club promotes the proper husbandry, conservation, study, and appreciation of reptiles and amphibians. Meet fellow “Herpers”! Amateurs, professionals, and kids of all ages are welcome! Membership to NHSM required. (NHSM membership is $25 for individuals, $35 for families.) Herp Club membership is an additional $5 for individuals and $10 for families annually.
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