It’s like fishing for birds. We will catch birds in mist nets, weigh and measure them, then attach unique bands to help track them throughout their life.

See birds up close and participate in community science presented by Birds of Urban Baltimore (B.Ur.B) in collaboration with the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center! Bird banding is the process of catching wild birds, placing identifying bands on them, and releasing them back into the wild. For this project, we will be working with the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center to band select species of birds in order to evaluate the health of the bird community.

- Observe conservation research first hand!
- Get an up-close look at wild birds!
- Learn about the ecology and biology of birds, how they are captured, and why banding is important!

BONUS Also come in and look around the museum….

NOTE: Come when you can. Leave when you want. Catching birds is not guaranteed, but early morning provide the best opportunity. Banding Demos are weather dependent. They will be cancelled if it is thundering/lightening, raining or the temperatures are over 90 or below 50.

Inclement weather date for this event is: June 9 – same time, same place