This two day, in-person, workshop will guide participants through the classification, benefits, design, and maintenance of meadows.  We will be joined by expert speakers including:

  • Teddi Stark and Kelsey Mummert, PA DCNR
  • Justin Ulanoski, Native Creations Landscape Services
  • Kelly Gill, Xerces Society
  • Mark Fiely, Ernst Seeds
  • Mark Brownlee, Archwild
  • Nick Myers and Kelly Gutshall, LandStudies
  • Keith Williams, Lancaster Conservancy


From this course participants will:

  • Learn about meadow types and what to expect over the lifecycle of a meadow
  • Become familiar with the benefits of a meadow
  • Learn about how ecology can inform meadow site selection and site assessment
  • Develop skills and knowledge to successfully design, implement, and manage native meadows
  • Explore different types of plant material, plant selection, and planting techniques to optimize meadow success
  • Understand routine meadow maintenance requirements and common management challenges
  • Learn participatively from a collaborative charrette experience how to plan and design a meadow and how to develop a maintenance plan
  • Tour several existing meadows with experts
  • Gain familiarity with PA DCNR funding opportunities for meadow projects

11.5 CBLP CEUs

(pending: LA CES, APLD)