Fungi are incredibly diverse and fascinating organisms that have shaped the terrestrial biota in ways we are just beginning to understand. During this 10 weeks class via zoom, we will cover basic biology of fungi (e.g., anatomy & physiology, life cycles, ecology, and evolution) while focusing on our local fungi to gain a new perspective and appreciation of their place in the ecosystems around us and our daily lives. Explore this fantastic Kingdom from the comfort of your home (via Zoom) and join us for in-person field trips to apply identification strategies and learn all the fungal hiding places.

Wednesdays, 7-9pm
Zoom class schedule       September 14 – November 16
Fieldtrips           Sunday, September 18: Woodend; Saturday, September 24 6:30-9pm: Jug Bay; Saturday, October 8, Patuxent Wildlife Refuge; Saturday, October 22, Patuxent Research Refuge North Track
Course fees        Zoom Lectures + 4 Field Trips: ANS members $380, nonmembers $430

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Serenella hollding chanterelles and a close up of a R