Dave Curson, Director of Bird Conservation (Maryland) at Audubon Mid-Atlantic; and Judy Fulton, Founder, EcoPlant Consulting and Board of Maryland Biodiversity Project

A 2019 report showed that North America has lost nearly 3 BILLION birds since 1970 alone. But birds aren’t the only species experiencing immense decline. Maryland is not unique in dramatic declines of plant and animal species. This session will discuss what has happened and how to prevent further loss.

David Curson has worked as Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon in Maryland since 2004, covering many aspects of bird conservation in the state. These include leading efforts to protect, manage and monitor bird habitats across Maryland’s network of Important Bird Areas, and coordinating grassroots advocacy on issues and legislation affecting birds, through actions including the annual “I Bird, I Vote” summit.

Judy specializes in native plants, invasive plants and ecology. Her expertise includes selection of appropriate native plants for specific ecoregions and growing conditions, and management of invasive plants.

 She provides recommendations for transforming degraded properties from landscapes dominated by invasives to healthy ecosystems with native plants. She consults for both individuals and groups, and teaches workshops for organizations such as the University of Maryland Extension, the Maryland Master Gardeners, the Natural History Society of Maryland, and the Irvine Nature Center.

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