On Wednesday, November 16, Waterkeepers Chesapeake will gather at the beautiful Woodend Sanctuary in Chevy Chase, Maryland for our 6th Annual In Defense of Water Awards and Reception. We’ll celebrate our clean water successes and honor our Waterkeepers and community members for their outstanding achievements in advancing water and climate justice.

We are very pleased and honored to present the 2022 Water Warrior Award to Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh, and the 2022 Waterkeeper Outstanding Win (WOW) Award to Baltimore Harbor Waterkeeper Alice Volpitta. Both are extraordinary advocates for clean water for all of our communities.

Event details & tickets: https://waterkeeperschesapeake.org/indefenseofwater2022/

This year is special, and we want you to join us and share the excitement. The Clean Water Act turns 50 years old; and as Waterkeepers, we are on the front lines defending our precious resources, enforcing this critical legislation, and demanding equal justice and access to clean water. Even 50 years after its signing, our work putting this revolutionary law into action is more important than ever. And we can’t do it without your support.