This is a great starting point for folks who need a basic understanding of the differences between plant & fungi kingdom, but who don’t want to be overwhelmed with too much terminology! If you’ve only ever seen white button or portobello mushrooms up close, you’ll enjoy this easy-to-understand overview of how mushrooms can be grouped complete with interactive portions designed to provide multiple levels of learning!

About the Speaker

Elizabeth was born into a strong connection to nature, cooking & teaching through her father, a grape farmer & physicist, and mother, an avid gardener and collegiate professor in multiple subjects. Her parents always emphasized strong foundations and healthy caution, and that’s the legacy she continues. Her introductory classes on approaching nature and foraging are based in universal teaching techniques with a strong emphasis on repetition, and her cooking style is elevated-home-chef-with-no-time-but-healthy. And delicious. She drinks foraged tea everyday, loves crispy oyster mushrooms and spent 12 years as a full-time professional ballroom dance instructor to adults. Visit for more information.

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