December Fossil Club meeting

During the late Cretaceous, more than 65 million years ago, dinosaurs walked the earth. But what about the oceans? Join University of Alabama undergraduate researcher Chase Egli on a journey through Alabama’s fossil history and learn about the sharks which prowled Alabama’s ancient ocean. After a general overview of this diverse ocean ecosystem represented by Alabaman rocks, he’ll focus specifically on giving us a sneak peak on his unpublished research on the evolution of the extinct false crow shark! Stay after the talk to ask Chase questions about this watery lost world and the ferocious fossil predators which lived within it.
Chase Egli is a Junior Geology major at the University of Alabama. Mr. Egli studies taxonomy and phylogeny of fossil sharks, particularly in the late Cretaceous and Paleogene. He has contributed to the collections of the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, Alabama Museum of Natural History, and many others.