The Taung Child (or Taung Baby) is the fossilized skull of a young Australopithecus africanus. It was discovered in 1924 by quarrymen working for the Northern Lime Company in TaungSouth Africa. It has been called “the most important anthropological fossil of the twentieth century”. We are excited to have the opportunity to learn about Taung from one who has studied it first hand. Professor Jeffrey K McKee of The Ohio State University is a biological anthropologist who has conducted research on hominin evolution and paleoecology. He has directed fossil excavations at the early hominin fossil sites of Taung and Makapansgat, and has published on fossils from other South African sites as well. His current interests focus on computer modeling and simulation of evolutionary and fossilization processes, toward an understanding of the pace and causes of human evolution in an ecological context. McKee is an elected Fellow of both the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Ohio Academy of Science.

Natural History Society of Maryland’s Fossil Club is a group of novice and more experienced collectors will meet to exchange knowledge and help with fossil identification, discuss fossil locations, as well as other fossil related topics. Monthly meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month at the Natural History Society of Maryland. Due to COVID, NHSM is opening up this club meeting to all. Non-members are asked to donate $5. If you are a fossil enthusiast, please consider joining ( The Natural History Society of Maryland is a volunteer-led non-profit organization, so the fee you pay will go directly to support the programs, the nature collections, and the building that make this kind of nature education possible.



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