Learn from the experts at Audubon Naturalist Society: study stream science in our introductory classes, and you just might be inspired to become a stream monitor yourself!How to Read Your Stream*

Wednesday, September 22

(7:00 – 9:30 pm)

Virtual via Zoom

Learn about the influence of land uses on streams, stream character and dynamics, bank erosion, bar formation, substrate composition, different velocity-depth regimes, and the importance of riffles and riparian vegetation. We will practice assessing stream habitat by using photographs of streams and the forms that monitors fill out in the field.  


Want to learn more? Check out our pre-recorded family-level ID classes – learn what lives in your stream!

Cost for all classes:  $25 non-members / $15 ANS members / Free for anyone who has monitored with the ANS program in the last two years.

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