Every two years, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation hosts the watershed-wide “All-Bay Agriculture Network Forum.” The Forum brings together NGO, local, state, and federal ag conservation leaders and partners to share best practices, network together, discuss collaborative implementation strategies and opportunities for accelerating and scaling up nutrient and sediment load reductions. This year, NFWF is hosting the Forum in Lancaster, PA with a focus on local water quality efforts in PA and in communities across the Bay.

Join us for an interactive, informational, and energizing two and a half day forum, December 3-5, 2018 that brings together the best practitioners and partners working for ag conservation across the Chesapeake Bay. A selection of the innovations, new approaches, field immersions from the tentative agenda will highlight topics like:

  • Ag industry-led Initiatives for improved conservation outcomes
  • Connecting conservation to farm economics and profitability
  • Getting riparian buffers on the ground through the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)
  • Soil health and regenerative agriculture as a producer-led movement for improving conservation.
  • Where and when floodplain and stream restoration is a good fit within ag landscapes

REGISTRATION REQUIRED:  SPACE IS LIMITED. Please register as soon as possible. NFWF is opening the registration to a wider number of partners, so it is critical that you reserve your space by registering as soon as possible. There is no cost to attend, but attendance will be limited to advance registrants.

If there are others from your organization, specific project partners, or local leaders who you believe would contribute to the Forum’s expected high-level, technical discussion about agriculture conservation practice and policy, please forward their name and email to: Claire Flynn,