Education Material on Road Side Ditch Restorations as a Storm Water Management Technique

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    Mr. George Y.

    Dear Chesapeake Network,

    Phillips Wharf Environmental Center recently completed a CBT funded road side ditch restoration at its Oyster House site, Knapps Narrows, Tilghman, MD.  The recently designed Oyster House will integrate a working waterfront with environmental education exhibits and an aquaculture training center.  The restored ditch will be one of many watershed restoration demonstration sites at this 2.5 acre campus.

    We are looking for educational material on the use of road side ditches as a storm water management technique that can be used as an outreach and education tool with visitors to the site.

    Any suggestions on education material that can be used for this purpose would be very helpful.  Thanks very much.

    George Yurek, Board Member, Phillips Wharf Environmental Center


    I would be very interested in getting some more details and possibly assisting with this. Please contact me at


    Steve Kirschnick

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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