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    Hello Chesapeake Network!

    I am a current Johns Hopkins University student studying environmental policy and economics and one of the opportunities I have going into my senior year is to design and implement a capstone research project by partnering with a local organization.  Though this project is research oriented, it is fairly free-form in its structure and requirements, the end goal being a tangible, sustainability project that incorporates knowledge I’ve gained in the past 3 years and benefits the local environment, community, and partnered organization.

    My question for the Bay Network today is this, is anyone in the Baltimore area looking to implement a sustainability project that could be completed within 9 months and needs help designing, executing, monitoring, or funding this project?  If you do, or know of anyone who may, please send me some contact information for you or your organization, I would be happy to talk with you about your project needs and how I could best execute it as a part of my Senior Capstone.

    I am also individually reaching out to multiple potential partners in the hopes of finding an exciting project as soon as possible so that I can start working on it early before the academic year begins, so please contact me quickly if you think that your project or organization could benefit from this opportunity.  And finally I’d like to stress how loose the university requirements are on this project, past examples include students writing education plans for local wildlife centers, monitoring the success of stream restorations, designing and building an educational bio-char furnace, and much more, so please don’t be afraid to contact me about ANY project you may have in mind, I would love to discuss it.

    William Cameron


    Chesapeake Bay Trust, Ph#: 410-974-2941 ext. 110

    Robert Gillett


    I would love to see someone try out my idea for eradicating phragmites.

    Robert Gillett
    MSSE JHU 2014
    (301) 481-8838

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