The Program Coordinator coordinates the Annual Potomac Watershed Cleanup and conducts outreach and community engagement for the Alice Ferguson Foundation (AFF). By spreading the word about AFF and building relationships with community members, the Coordinator inspires individuals and local organizations to prevent litter and cleanup communities, greenspaces and waterways.

The Coordinator will partner with communities to address the issue of litter through organized community cleanup efforts, outreach and community engagement and support for other AFF programs. The target area will be the District of Columbia and other communities as directed such as Prince George’s County, Montgomery County and Northern Virginia.


Primary Role(s):

  • Coordinate all aspects of the Annual Potomac Watershed Cleanup (50%)
    • Build relationships with key cleanup partners and with site leaders
    • Lead AFF staff and volunteers in planning for the cleanup, including: managing the Trash Network, recruiting new cleanup site leaders, organizing cleanup site leader trainings, recruiting cleanup volunteers, ordering and distributing cleanup supplies, communicating with site leaders etc.
    • Coordinate outreach for the cleanup including, social media, email blasts, flyers, listserve announcements, newsletter etc.
    • Lead cleanups and coordinate AFF staff involvement in cleanups
    • Document and track cleanup results throughout the year


  • Conduct outreach and community engagement for AFF (30%)
    • Conduct trash and litter related presentations and tabling events for local citizens through civic associations, churches, recreation centers, libraries, schools, and businesses.
    • Build authentic relationships with key community contacts and local organizations with the goal of inspiring actions to prevent litter and cleanup communities
    • Distribute Litter Campaign materials and support community implementation
    • Conduct evaluation of Campaign using direct behavioral observations, surveys and other methods.


Secondary role(s):

  • Support other AFF Programs (15%)
    • Support logistical coordination and implementation of the Trash Summit.
    • Support schools in the implementation of the Trash Free Schools program.
    • Assist with data management and content for grant proposal and grant reporting.
    • Assist in environmental education for students and workshops for teachers, including on and off-site programming


  • Assist with other AFF activities (5%)
    • Participate in special events: Spring Farm Festival, Oktoberfest, members’ events, and other AFF-sponsored events as needed.
    • Participate in staff development, including staff meetings and trainings.

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