This position will lead work advancing community and habitat resilience and waterway access goals. Work will focus on a variety of coastal planning issues such as integrating beneficial use into restoration and natural infrastructure projects and partnering with communities to address recreational waterway access, advance climate adaptation progress, and implement restoration projects to improve water quality conditions. This position will work with a multi-disciplinary team to pair field-based project needs with community resilience, access and habitat goals.

Candidates will work with coastal planners, waterway access dredging staff and restoration specialists to focus on how beneficial use can support coastal community and ecosystem resilience and also reflect habitat restoration goals. This position will serve as a technical expert for local partners to understand short- and long-term dredging needs and nature-based resilience project priorities. The position will be responsible for establishing federal, state and local partnerships; conducting field visits and/or surveys to help identify project opportunities; advancing the practice of using beneficial use for habitat and climate goals; and, identifying related beneficial use, community and habitat climate adaptation strategies. The planner will support (1) the state’s Coastal Zone Management Program efforts related to coastal adaptation and, (2) the Waterway Improvement Program’s work related to local dredging needs.