Coordinator needed for  the Little Falls Watershed Alliance’s weekly bacteria monitoring program.   The Little Falls Watershed Alliance is an environmental stewardship non-profit located in lower Montgomery County and Upper NW DC.  We have a robust fecal bacteria monitoring program during the summer.  We sample 8 to 10 sites on both the Little Falls Branch and the Willet Branch and post the results to neighborhood listservs so that the public is informed of the safety of the creeks for water play.

Paid Summer internship (10 hours a week).


The program runs from June to September.  Coordinator must be available on-site Wednesday morning from 8:00 to 11:00 for data collection.  Data analysis must be done Thursday afternoon, but can be remote.


Supervise and train  citizen scientist volunteers to sample for fecal bacteria.
Take samples to lab
Analyze data and produce charts for public posting
Produce an end of year report of the findings and state of the fecal bacteria in the creeks.

Please contact Sarah Morse, for more information.