Three office work days per week (up to 26 hours) to start, could become full time. Scheduling is flexible and we will work with you on it. We have ½ hour paid lunch for a work day over six hours.

Bona Terra is a small family run urban landscape design, maintenance, and installation business that specializes in artistic installations, bay-friendly rain gardens, conservation planting, and careful maintenance. Most of our work is in DC. We prioritize organic, sustainable practices and protecting the local watershed. We are a creative group of artists, musicians, and writers, and support each other in those endeavors.

You will mostly be doing bookkeeping work, running payroll every other week, invoicing clients, maintaining electronic and paper files, troubleshooting computer glitches and scanner/printer issues. Your days will also consist of checking mail, both physical and electronic, doing tasks as assigned by the partners of the company, and helping our designers and foreman with paperwork, etc., working independently in the office.

Ideally the candidate is detail-oriented, is a good and clear communicator both with clients and inter-office communication, is good with filing, tracking information and record keeping, and has creative solutions for organizing and optimizing both physical and electronic storage space.

We are a small tight-knit company and we work from a home office, you must be comfortable with a casual office environment, including a dog and two cats. Confidentiality is also very important to this position. We are LGBTQIA friendly.

Your work hours are also flexible, as long as agreed upon ahead of time. We respect your time away from work, but it’s a big plus if you are able to casually monitor email when you aren’t present in the office, in case there is something urgent, and can answer any odd questions we might receive.

Familiar with Mac computers, Word, Excel, Gmail, Google Drive & Calendar, etc. Previous experience with Quickbooks, Dropbox, Photoshop is a plus! Must have a smartphone.

If you are interested in field-work in addition to office work to fill out the position to be full-time, that’s an option that can be discussed.

You earn sick leave, 1 hour per every 87 hours you work, up to 3 days per year. Work may slow down in the winter, during January and February, that’s the best time to travel, work on art or music, hang with family etc.

Interested applicants should e-mail their resume to