Position Description

This posting will be used to fill a full-time permanent position in the Bureau of Watershed Protection and Restoration (BWPR) in the Department of Public Works.

The position will work with the Bureau’s Program Specialist II to coordinate education and outreach activities to the public and interested County staff. This position will also serve a key role within the program, working with the Program Specialist II to solicit grants to further the work of the Bureau, leveraging outside funds to optimize the Bureau’s effectiveness.

The position will involve environmental grant writing, reporting, and coordinating communications among staff engaged in grant-funded projects. Additionally, the position will assist with the coordination of the BWPR’s own restoration grant program, working closely with the Chesapeake Bay Trust (CBT).


This position is involved with the regular outreach and education efforts on behalf of the BWPR, to promote the Bureau’s work and build public awareness about strategies for protecting local water quality.

This position is also responsible for seeking grants on behalf of the BWPR in order to leverage outside funds in the service of the program. The position is also responsible for reporting on grants, working with staff to prospectively identify projects and initiatives that are likely to be appealing to grant funders and assisting with the administration of the County’s own grant program.

The position will involve extensive writing and the ability to plan and coordinate the details of the full grant acquisition and administration process.

The position will also involve regular communication with funders and the public-at-large.

Examples of Duties and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

(Note: The duties and responsibilities enumerated in this class specification are for the purpose of determining a common set of minimum qualifications and salary levels for all positions in this class. They are not intended to include all of the essential functions of all positions in the class.)

Participate in public outreach events as a representative of the BWPR, including tabling, giving presentations, and working with community groups.

Post BWPR activities and related items regularly on social outlets, including outside of normal work hours.

Work closely with other County communications staff to coordinate larger communications efforts.

Write and compile grant applications to public and private funders to extend the work of the BWPR.

Keep track of grant reporting and filing deadlines and take responsibility for ensuring the County meets those deadlines.

This position involves helping County residents and partners navigate local stormwater support opportunities, including the CBT Watershed Restoration Grant Program, AACo Full Delivery Contract, local property tax incentives, and external funding mechanisms.

Work closely with other County staff to develop strong, compelling grants for environmental restoration, research, and outreach.

Assist with the administration of the County’s own restoration grant and stormwater rebate programs.

Performs related duties as assigned by the Program Specialist II, Education & Outreach Coordinator.


Ability to communicate very effectively, both orally and in writing.

Extensive knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of effective communications and outreach, particularly in the environmental arena.

A willingness to work with staff within the BWPR to best understand the type of program work that is likely to be grant eligible.

Ability to deal tactfully, effectively, and equitably with people.

Knowledge of stormwater management laws, rules, and regulations in Maryland.

Ability to prepare, interpret, and evaluate requests for grant proposals.

Minimum Qualifications

Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university; and experience in experience writing and being awarded, and managing environmental grants.

Supplemental Qualifications

Preference will be given to candidates with the following:

1.) A track record of having been awarded environmental grants from a variety of public and private sources.

2.) Strong written and oral communication skills.

3.) Microsoft Office software (Excel, Access, Word, and PowerPoint).

4.) Working knowledge of NPDES MS4 Permits.

5.) Knowledge and experience with stormwater runoff and stormwater management techniques.