Position Available:

     Assistant Water Quality Manager

     Public Works Department, Stormwater & GIS Services Division

     Durham, North Carolina

Position Description

The purpose of this position is to maintain compliance with the City’s Stormwater National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit.  This position manages water quality programs, provides advanced technical supervision and assists with the management of the Water Quality Section. This is accomplished by directly and indirectly supervising technical staff, development of the City’s NPDES-required programs, preparing reports regarding assessment programs, providing project management of internal and external studies and contracts, supporting and/or developing watershed plans for watersheds and streams in the City, identifying areas needing additional information for regulatory purposes, multivariate statistical analysis, reviewing draft permits, and responding to public inquiries regarding water pollution. Other duties include providing support and education to the public and City personnel.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervise one or more NPDES-related stormwater programs. Programs include Good Housekeeping, Inspections, IDDE, and monitoring. This includes providing technical support, training, contracting, budgeting, database design and management, quality assurance, and Standard Operating Procedures. Administers monthly reports; contributes to work plan development; conducts performance evaluations.
  • Watershed Planning.  Develop watershed plans, with others in stormwater, to meet water quality goals. Includes the development and implementation of Water Quality Recovery Programs for surface waters with Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs). May include field assessments, advanced technical analysis, GIS analysis, preliminary Best Management Practice (BMP) design, managing contracts, budgeting, quality assurance and reporting.
  • Provide City and State regulatory support.  Actively participates in interjurisdictional programs for the management of water quality in the State of North Carolina.  This includes participation in established interjurisdictional associations and other short-term groups and associations with water quality management goals affecting the City of Durham.  Provides input to the renewal of the City NPDES permit.  Maintains expertise in state and federal regulatory development with respect to water quality standards, TMDLs and permitting.  Manages special projects by preparing and administering contracts and meeting with federal, state, and local governments concerning stormwater management and interjurisdictional stormwater projects.  Assists with the development of local stormwater ordinances and procedures.
  • Advanced Technical Analysis. Develop process-based or stochastic water quality assessment methods or models, including those for trend analysis, watershed loading and instream water quality. Supervise other technical analysis and assessments performed by Water Quality Analysts, Specialists and Senior Water Quality Technicians. Apply technical expertise in regional water quality modeling and applications to state and local regulations.
  • Provides public education by developing educational materials for targeted audiences; providing technical assistance and support to educate City employees and citizens.
  • For the full description and to submit an application, please go to the City website at http://durhamnc.gov/1473/City-Jobs