The Department of Natural Resources, Chesapeake and Coastal Service, is seeking an Administrator III team member to serve as a Coastal and Marine Project Specialist. The successful candidate will work in a multi-disciplinary team to review, assess and manage technical aspects of habitat restoration and public recreational boating projects. This position will work to ensure state-funded projects are functional, effective and resilient to climate change impacts over their expected lifespans. This position will lead and support projects at the land-water interface under coastal programs such as the State Waterway Improvement Fund and the Resiliency through Restoration Initiative.

The position will support coastal and marine projects through project management. The successful candidate will provide technical assistance to local partners and grant managers throughout all stages of project development, including site visits, review of conceptual designs, permitting, project construction, and monitoring/maintenance. The position will coordinate with coastal and marine engineers and other partners to review designs at various stages of development and support onsite management and assessment for coastal projects. The successful candidate will be able to coordinate among partners, review site plans, learn technical concepts, communicate technical concepts to diverse audiences, and assess field conditions before, during and after project construction.

This is a full-time position with state benefits based out of Annapolis, MD. Travel is required to sites across Maryland’s coastal zone to conduct site assessments and other fieldwork. **Due to a COLA, effective November 1, 2022, the salary scale will increase from $58,588.00-$94,280.00 to $61,225.00-$98,523.00**