Branch Chief (Supervisory Environmental Protection Specialist)


Job ID 8851

This position is located in the Natural Resources Administration, Water Quality Division, Planning and Reporting Branch. The announcement is listed as “open to the public” and has a closing date of November 18, 2019.

To apply please visit the District’s career website at and in the search area please enter 8851.


The mission of the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) is to protect and restore the environment, conserve natural resources, and improve the quality of life in the District of Columbia. As the nation’s capital city, the District will become a model of environmental protection and sustainable environmental practices. In partnership with other District agencies, the federal government, business groups, non-profit organizations, and residents, the department will help instill environmental awareness through innovation and best practices.

This position is located in the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE), Natural Resources Administration, Water Quality Division. The position is classified as a supervisory environmental protection specialist. The incumbent is responsible for overseeing administration and implementation of the District’s federal Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit, development of strategic plans that forecast and model initiatives and capital projects that will reduce pollution loadings from the storm sewer system, and providing technical support and coordination for the District’s obligations under the Chesapeake Bay Program. Additionally, the incumbent oversees tracking, adaptive management and reporting of progress to local and federal regulators, as well as the District’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund grant program.


The incumbent supervises and effectively utilizes employees of the branch. This includes the assignment and review of work; utilization of personnel to accomplish work objectives and to develop increased capabilities of employees; and giving such other guidance as needed to ensure the expeditious accomplishment of work and the development and maintenance of competent staff.

The incumbent prepares and/or supervises the preparation of federal grant applications, and all necessary grant reports and paperwork, as well as the preparation of memoranda of understanding, cooperative agreements, and contracts to support the branch’s objectives as needed.

The incumbent represents, either directly or through superiors, the District of Columbia as a member or alternate on various boards and committees, including the boards and committees established by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, the Chesapeake Bay Program, the Interstate Potomac River Basin Commission, and similar interagency and inter-jurisdictional bodies, providing technical and policy guidance and leadership.


Must possess at least one (1) year of specialized experience equivalent to the MSS-13 grade level. Specialized experience is experience which is in or directly related to the line of work of the position and has equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully perform the duties of the position.