Stream Link Education (Stream Link, SLE) is a non-profit organization located in Frederick County, MD. The mission of Stream Link is to connect community to conservation through educational volunteer tree-planting experiences to improve water quality in our local streams.

Each year, with help from hundreds of volunteers, thousands of trees are planted in riparian zones, the land that extends from the bank of a stream. Planting trees next to streams establishes a forest buffer, which has a tremendous number of benefits.

Stream Link organizes tree planting events each Spring and Fall season and conducts maintenance to each of our reforestation sites for at least 3-5 years. We guarantee at least an 85% tree survival rate. Programs include community tree-planting events, corporate tree-planting events, Tree Teams (forest maintenance volunteer program), and Nursery Teams (nursery volunteer program).

We are seeking a passionate and dynamic individual. As the Director, you will play a crucial role in overseeing the fundraising efforts, administration, programs, and strategic plans of the organization.

Visit to view the full job description. To apply, please submit resume, cover letter, and references to